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Switch to other keyboard

Answered Joern W. Comments: 11 Reply 10 months ago by Benjamin H.
3 votes

Alternative Buchstabenbelegung noch in Planung?

Answered Thomas S. Comments: 2 Reply 16 months ago by Thomas S.
1 vote

How can I join in the beta team

Answered Roosevelt M. Comments: 1 Reply 12 months ago by David
1 vote

Autocorrect and Word Prediction.

Answered mrcln Comments: 3 Reply 15 months ago by Janis B.
5 votes

Schwizerdütsch as Primary language with english Phone

Answered Yannick M. Comments: 3 Reply 23 months ago by Silvia
1 vote

Nach update von heute rotes x auf jedem Zeichen

Answered Hermann G. Comments: 4 Reply 12 months ago by David
2 votes

When will auto correction start

Answered mrcln Comments: 7 Reply 3 years ago by Jorn d.
2 votes

Why this emoji browser on iOS

Answered Oliver R. Comments: 1 Reply 2 years ago by David
3 votes
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