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Add undo for double space = period

Completed Reynante R. Comments: 2 Reply 20 months ago by David
1 vote

Easy access of "@" and "-"

Under Consideration Jochen H. Comments: 5 Reply 2 months ago by Janis B.
13 votes

Disable space keys

Completed Thomas N. Comments: 2 Reply 21 months ago by Thomas N.
7 votes

Please Add Indonesia Language

Completed Adirasi A. Languages Comments: 2 Reply 15 months ago by David
1 vote


Under Consideration Einsemai Comments: 4 Reply 12 months ago by David
6 votes

Correct punctuation

Completed Phillip R. Comments: 3 Reply 15 months ago by David
1 vote

Pop up keys

Under Consideration Tahmas H. Comments: 6 Reply 18 months ago by René E.
13 votes

Add Farsi/Persian

Under Consideration mehde Comments: 1 Reply 23 months ago by David
1 vote

Dvorak support

Under Consideration Timon S. Comments: 3 Reply 54 days ago by Janis B.
4 votes
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