Why iOS 3rd keyboard not good?

Tomate shared this problem 2 years ago
Not a Problem

Since iOS 8 not fixed. iOS 10 same issue.

Hello developer,

can you say me the facts, why since iOS 8 - iOS 10. The keyboards have lag, bugs, not smooth, crash etc.. ? All Apple forum, fan forum and reddit forum said this. Result this is not app issue.

iOS API issue. Which? Current I am iOS 10 public user tester, say me the technical facts, then add to my bug report. Plss.

RAM limit for this apps?

With my Samsung Galaxy S4 with the Android keyboard no issue, so good as iOS stock keyboard.

iPad Pro 9,7 and iPhone 6s have more hardware power as my old Android device. Result this is not hardware issue.

I test since iOS 8 more as 20 keyboard, all buggy. Reinstall iOS or app, no backup restore, use current version not fixed.

On Android 3rd keyboard 90% so good as iOS stock keybard.

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Hi Tomate, does V1.2 on iOS 10 work better for your? Best, David