Capitalization issue when moving the cursor

Ray Marusyk shared this problem 8 months ago

When I attempt to correct a word written in non-capitalized letters, the WRIO keyboard inserts a capital letter rather than a non-capital letter. The attachment illustrates the problem. When I move the cursor insertion point to the position of a non-capitalized letter, the WRIO keyboard defaults to a capital letter insertion mode.

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Hi Ray, thanks for your feedback. I'm not able to reproduce the issue with the latest WRIO 1.4.1 version on iOS 11.2.5 (iPhone 7). So to make sure I understand your issue: You write a sentence and then want to go back to a word with the cursor to edit it, and then WRIO switches to capital letters. Did WRIO already display capital letters before you moved the cursor to the word? Does this happen always, in all apps, or just specific situations? Thx, David