Shortcuts improvements: smartcase, search, sort and export

Adrià Arrufat shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

I really love the shortcuts feature in this keyboard, thanks for having it.

However I think it could be even better if it had smart case. Let me explain what I understand by smartcase:

Let's say that I have added a shortcut "apt" to say "à plus tard". If I type "Apt" it still gets expanded to "à plus tard", but it'd be nicer if it expanded to "À plus tard". On the other side, if the expansion has been defined in upper case, even if the shortcut is typed lowercase, it should expand correctly to upper case.

Also a feature to search and sort the shortcuts alphabetically or by usage would be nice.

Lastly, it'd be great to be able to export them in order to reimport them later if we reinstall or change phones.

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Hi Adrià

Great suggestions, thanks! 😊

The first idea sounds great. We just have to keep in mind that it only works for the first letter because not every letter in the shortcut has a related letter in the text.

Filtering and searching would be nice but I'm not sure if a lot users have that many shortcuts. We'll keep it in mind but we'll focus on some other features first.

A backup solution is on our backlog already. On iOS you can already use the backup feature on Android we'll work on it. Some time in the future it would be nice to be able to sync settings and shortcuts accross devices. But this might take a while.

Have a nice weekend and thanks again for your great inputs! 😊


Thank for your reply. I agree that searching and sorting might be the least useful, but It would be great if shortcuts were sorted alphabetically by default. I type a lot in French and they have some common overly complicated words and expressions, for which shortcuts are really useful. Just a few examples that are really time savers for me, because of accents and hyphens, etc:

- abt -> à bientôt !

- ajd -> aujourd'hui

- aprem -> après-midi

- apt -> à plus tard !

- ath -> à toute à l'heure !

- ats -> à tout de suite !

- bc -> beaucoup

- bs -> bien sûr

- bt -> bientôt

- mtn -> maintenant

- qm -> quand-même

- stp -> s'il te plaît

- svp -> s'il vous plaît

- wknd -> week-end


You're right, Adrià. Alphabetical sorting is something we have to implement. 😊