Resize the UI mask for better use of screen

Brian N. shared this idea 5 months ago
Under Consideration

Since I use this keyboard I tought about the size and now, with the beta I realized that some changes can be made.

First with the prediction bar, it grows the keyboard a lot, before it was bigger than iOs keyboard and now it's more.

Without this bar it's a great size considering the multiple features offered that iOs keyboard doesn't have.

It's just an option, a mockup of how you can use less screen and offer more WRIO keyboard. :D

  • The left screenshot have just a reduced size for the buttons of 80% comparing it with 100% of the originals. And they stills been bigger than iOs buttons.

  • Some space is empty so, I tougth about using the recent emojis from the emoji section, and put in there the first 6.

I don't know if you tought before about the size of the buttons but, I think it may be a good idea making them a little bit smaller, may be not too much, but you know better than anyone how this great keyboard works.

Comments (3)

1 around 80% in the lower left or right corner of the screen. This would significantly improve the one-hand operation on screens >5''.


for the one-hand you could take off the emojis :D


Thanks a lot. We'll think about it. 😊