Place keyboard on top of the screen instead of default bottom

Tristan Kohler shared this idea 2 years ago

I just had the idea, struggling to keep my

phone between two hands, that the option to place the keyboard on the top of

the screen would be much better then the bottom. Have you thought of that?

The use case is to write using two thumbs only. What I am actually doing all the time.

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You can hold your phone upside down, this will work nicely.


It's an interesting idea but won't this hide the screen even more behind your hands? And with my slippery S7 I'd be anxious to drop it.

But what do other users think? :)


Hi, thanks for your comments.

@Saudaggl it is not possible to turn the phone as everything is upside down. You have to type in reverse mode... A bit hard!

@Janis Berneker it depends how we keep the phone I guess. I have my hands quite open on each side, what let enough open space down.

BR Tristan