Missing Slovak Characters

Luky shared this problem 2 years ago

Hello.I noticed that some characters in Slovak keyboard are missing. First, character "Ď ď", second "Ŕ ŕ" (there is ř in the keyboard which is not Slovak character but Czech so you can delete it from Slovak keyboard ;)). It would be great if you add it, now i have to use different keyboard for one character or to copy it. Also one related idea: when you hold "a" you get 2 more characters "ä" and "á" this is correct but "á" is used much more than "ä" so it should be the first option, now to get "á" you have to hold "a" and swipe left. Same problem is with "ó" and "ô". In fact "ä" and "ô" are very rarely used but "á" and "ó" are quite common so it can be annoying sometimes ;)Thanks for the great keyboard :)

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Hi Luky

Thanks a lot, feedback like this is what we need to improve WRIO Keyboard. :)

We'll add the missing characters and re-order á and ó in the next update.

Have a nice week!