First letter in 2nd word auto-capitalized

Curtis Young shared this problem 6 months ago

Every time I write a sentence, WRIO puts the first letter in the second word as CAP every time.

ie. The Cat walked across the street.

The ‘c’ in cat should not be capital.

I keep thinking that it will be fixed and never does, so I’m writing you.

Also, how can I tell which beta I’m using? I’m pretty sure it’s 2.

Thank you,


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Something I just noticed about this issue is when I choose a word from Suggestive word, like “I”, for the first word, that’s when the second word gets capitalized.


Hi Curtis, indeed, at the beginning of a new sentence, when you choose a predicted word, then the keyboard remains capitalized. This is a bug that we'll need to resolve, thanks for bringing it up. You can mitigate it by swiping down on the letter which will force un-capitalize it. Cheers, David


Should be resolved by now!