External bluetooth keyboard

Daniel Grandjean shared this idea 13 months ago
Under Consideration

1. On iOS, the standard behavior of the soft-keyboard is to disappear when a BT keyboard is paired. WRIO does not do that and does not re-act to the show/hide keyboard button.

Can this be enabled for WRIO to also show/hide automatically while a hardware BT keyboard is paired?

2. (Again on iOS) My hardware keyboard has Swiss-German layout, my primary language in WRIO is set to the same. However, all typing while WRIO is the active keyboard results in a standard English layout.

Would it be possible to map the primary language for use with external BT keyboards while paired?

If both of these issues could be fixed then I would be able to use WRIO as my only keyboard on iPhone. Right now I have to manually switch to the Apple keyboard for „normal“ support of BT keyboards.

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Hi Daniel - thanks for the detailed comments. So far we have not looked into BT keyboard support. Are you using an iPhone or iPad though? Cheers, David