autocorrect problem and request for user dictionary backup

Yannick Fischer shared this problem 15 months ago

first thx for the great app, I really like it!

however, the autocorrect sometimes has these "hiccups" where random words that I typed elsewhere before just pop up wile typing... very weird.

then, it would be nice to be able to backup and transfer the user dictionary to a new device (i will probably get e new device in 2 months...)

lastly, hitting the space button twice triggers a full stop "." is quite annoying for me... can you make that turn-on/off-able?

thanks a lot guys!

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Hi Yannick

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

1. What do you mean exactly by "pop up"? Some more informations would be great as nobody mentioned this bug before.

2. Yes, we know. This is definitely something we want to implement after finishing WRIO Keyboard 2.0. With backup apps you might be able to restore it.

3. You can disable that in the WRIO settings. It's called "."-Shortcut or "."-Kurzbefehl in German.