Add an optimised mode, with the original algorithmically generated version of the keyboard

Nathan Skirrow shared this idea 7 days ago
Under Consideration

According to a very old What'sApp post on the Android group, (when defending WRIO from someone who said it looked like QWERTY) Janis said, 'Well it doesn't have three rows and ten columns. But you're right, the letters have been arranged similarly. Actually, we played around with other "better" layouts. But the problem is that you only can get around than 10% faster in theory and it's much more difficult to learn. So no real advantage there. And: Every language has it's own "perfect" letter placement so it's even more difficult to learn.' Could we have this 'perfect' letter arrangement, as an option? Even if it doesn't help you to type faster, it would still be fun to re-learn it. Fix the bugs first, get the UI done, do all of the other, more important things. But you've added one different layout with the Polish QWERTZUIOP. Add this 'perfect' mode as an option.