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Charlie Angar shared this idea 1 year ago

I have tried many different keyboards. Here are some things I've learned regarding having a visual bar in Android.

1) Don't repeatedly show and hide the bar by changing the size of the keyboard space. When an Android keyboard changes size it also shrinks and possibly refreshes whatever app is underneath. Very often this will effectively scroll you up a little or otherwise cause an unnatural experience. What works better is either a transient floating bar that doesn't change the effective display size or a permanent bar that may sometimes be empty. Also avoid resizing keys on the keyboard all the time, we get used to where they are as I'm sure you know.

2) Be aware of other autocorrects and suggestions. Right now there is a wavy red line under a word in the last sentence for me, if I tap it, it will drop a list down that will probably sit on top of WRIO, and specifically on top of any suggestion bars. Battling suggestions is so dumb. See if you can incorporate or disable the default Android correction somehow.

3) PLEASE give us a way to easily never get a suggestion/autocorrect ever again. Long pressing on it is a good way. Some of your words are going to be completely useless to everybody, and getting one suggested all the time is so frustrating!

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Hi Charlie.

Good news, we're working on it and will keep your input in mind while doing so. 😊




Hi Charlie - most is done or coming in the Beta 2.0, let us know if you'd like to try it out :) Cheers, David