Change comma position

Luc Spyckerelle shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

On the key for the comma (,), there is also the period (.), colon (:) and semi-colon (:).

I can type the periods without any problem, but when I want a comma, I almost inevitably end up with colons or semi-colons. I often have to revert to the normal keyboard on the Android phone to type the comma, before I can continue writing the message on the WRIO keyboard.

Since commas are more common than colons or semi-colons, wouldn't it be better to e.g. change the configuration so that a 'long press' or an 'upward swipe' would give a comma instead of a colon or semi-colon as is the case now?

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Hi Luc

To access the comma you have to swipe up quickly (and only a few millimeters). Then it should work and you get a lot faster too.

Would be great if you could let us know if this helps.

We have to improve the tutorial in a future update to expain it a bit better because you're not the first user who experienced this.

Best regards

Janis & WRIO team