(Optionally) Substitute Space Buttons

René Eschke shared this idea 2 months ago
Under Consideration

Didn't find a topic regarding this. If one already exists.. forgive me please!

Especially using WRIO one-handed (right) the return / enter button (most bottom right) is almost impossible to press without making acrobatic moves with the phone. Uncool.

I try to never use the space keys, because swiping is super duper nice!

(Except my whining about it, cough– http://community.wrio-keyboard.com/topic/speedy-swipe-space-mode)

Whatsoever– I would never need both space keys.

So, I preach to you partypeople: Let's make the space keys custimizable!

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Hey René

Thanks for your input. Can I merge it with this topic? http://community.wrio-keyboard.com/topic/reorganize-the-keyboard

I think it's a similar problem in the end.




I didn't read the entire thread and didn't fully understand what the thread opener is requesting there, tbh :D

But if it helps to get the space buttons customizable, yeah, merge it :D