Speedy-Swipe-Space Mode

René Eschke shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

When I heard about the WRIO-concept, I was blown away by the swipe-for-space-feature and couldn't wait to use it.

Now, after 6 months, I sadly recognized 80% of my spaces come from the space buttons.

The reason:

Swipeup for a capitalized button immediately results in output.

Writing "Hello Dennis", the 'o ' plus whitespace take two actions. Tap on 'o' and second action being a swipe showed to be very inconvient over time. I have to lift my finger, than bring it down and swipe. Tapping 'o' plus tapping 'space' are two actions as well and a tap on space is less work than a swipe to the right. With muscle memory and 2 space buttons tapping it is not just faster in many occasions, but less "tiring", too.

There are many spaces in text and the combination of lifting the finger, bringing it down to immediately can really be exhausting in long texts.

My suggestion:

make an option for powerusers called "Speedy-Space-Swipe".

Swiperight on the button 'o' results in an printed 'o ' (o plus whitespace).

– This way is just one action, giving the swiperight an actual advantage over the tap on space.

– This way is closer to the already established swipeup feature and therefore feels more natural.

– This way allows a longer delay for a swipe-space AND a possible reverse, all in one action. (when you have a letter without any sub letters, which is always the case for all english layout, I guess?)

– This way could result in not needing the space key at all! Future-versions could have customizable space-keys?


You want a single space without a letter?

Just press the two very present space buttons.

This should be a huge edge case, where noone would be bothered to use the space keys.

What about the delete-recovery? (or whatever it's called): two possible solutions here:

1) The simple one: make the feature only available swiping right from the space-buttons. Swipeleft is still available everywhere.

2) A letter + a space get printed out but don't get stored into the recover-history until the touch ends, giving the software time to detect wether a swiperight is hold for longer. Then the just inserted letter + space get deleted immediately and the recover process starts with the calculated speed.

The delete on swipeleft doesn't get affected at all by the SSS-mode.

What do you say?

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I like the idea. Actually we already played with that idea in alpha phase but never implemented it. I think another user mentioned it too sometime ago.

Would other user like this idea too?

I think it wouldn't really interfear with restore because restore is only available when you deleted something. We use the same logic for the current swipe space feature.

Thanks a lot for your feedback!


I want this feature soo much– Don't force me to make thousands of fake accounts 8) Everybody will like it ;)

And it's switched off by default if you want so (although I really think it fits the whole concept way better)

Oh, I should mention: I'm on Android, so please do it there first 8)


Ok let me voice a different opinion. I love regular swipe for space and wouldn't need anything else.

...but yes if there's an option for a speedy swipe for space, how could I possibly care


We'll see what we can do but we have to fix some smaller bugs first and implement the features which are already planned. But I like the idea so we'll definitely have a look.


Curious. What's the status here?


Hi René

At the moment we're focussing more on making WRIO easier for new users, improving autocorrection and possibly working on predictions. Because these are the things which are mentioned most on the community and in the App Store reviews. So no, we didn't work on this yet.

But I like the idea. I hope we can can try it some time. :)