quick edit and delete

shrawz shared this idea 2 years ago

I find that the delete function can be improved. Sometimes it is little difficult to swipe back and stop where we want when we have to delete one or two characters. May be you can add a function of deleting one character by double tapping any alphabets or numerals. And then if we have to delete a few words we can do so by double tapping the no corresponding to the no of characters that we want to delete. For eg if we have to go five characters we can double tap numerals0 & 5. If its fifteen then double tapping 1&5

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Hi Shrawz, thanks for your idea. Be think with the swipe left + restore (if deleted too much) it's quite precise and fast to delete. We would like to keep the gestures simple, especially considering that we might add one or two more features with gestures... Does that work for you? Best, David