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Install not working on N5

David Schmidlin shared this problem 2 years ago

I have the Hocky app installed and I can see the WRIO app. I click Install and it appears to work but then I don't see WRIO in my app drawer nor do I see it as a possible keyboard in settings.

Device: Nexus 5

OS Version: Android 6.0

Build Number: MRA58N

Rooted: False

Allow Install from Unknown Sources: True

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I missed this step:

  1. In Android settings under “System>Language & input” tap on "Standard", go to “Configure Input Methods” and click on “Add Keyboard”, to activate WRIO Keyboard. You can then set it as the new standard keyboard in “Standard”. The menu may be a little different depending on the device you use.

    Note: You may see a message that the app could record data. This message appears with all keyboards. WRIO Keyboard 100% does not record any data and also has no connection to the internet.

After I followed the correct steps it works. *Face Palm*


Perfect! :)