I want to make online classes for learning

Hasan Shah shared this idea 2 months ago
Under Consideration

Hello, this is Anus Babar Khan from Dubai. I am a general instructor and a motivational speaker and I am working all around the world. I want to make an ideal platform to the world for learning in the different field of life. Some people are related from IT field, some from accounts, marketing, teaching, writing and other. So, from my side, I want to make a platform through a website or application where people can teach each other and make learn to another one, this idea came from my father that if I have these skills so I have to promote it to everyone in less time period so it would be possible just by a website or a general application from any Web development and design services company which can easily be used by everyone just like you can say youtube, UDAcity, Udemy etc where special instructors have been hired but here everyone would have to authority to teach or share ideas. I am working on it and I have collected many data which will be more helpful for me in this my task. Is anyone here to help me or want to contact me to share any ideas?