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Fails on demo

Rogier Willems shared this problem 2 years ago

Please see the various screenshots to see the problems I encountered while trying to ge started with your app.

So far I feel like I waisted my $2.99 :-/

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Hi Rogier

Thanks a lot for your feedback and your support. Let's figure it out, I'm sure you didn't wasted your $2.99. :)

IMG_4270: You already enabled WRIO keyboard that's why you don't have to do it anymore. That's why it shows a check mark too. The globe button to change the keyboard would have been visible on the default iOS keyboard.

IMG_4271: Yes, I think you're right. We'll think about it to make it more clear.

IMG_4272: In the clock section the most used emojis will show up. Of course this section is empty at the beginning that's why you can't tap on it.

The tutorial definitely needs some more fine-tuning. So thanks for your helpful feedback! I still hope you give it a chance as I'm confident that you will like it. :)