Entering numbers in iHealth iOS App

Othmar Voser shared this problem 2 months ago

HelloIf you want to enter the blood pressure in the iOS App, you first enter the systolic blood pressure. To do this, switch to the mode for entering numbers on the WRIO.

If you now want to enter the diastolic blood pressure, the keyboard automatically switches back to text mode. So you have to switch manually into the number mode again first. This is boring and shouldn't happen.

It would be better if you had to do it manually again from number mode back into text mode. At least there should be the possibility that you can determine the behaviour of the keyboard in this respect in the settings.

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Hi Othmar, I agree this is not ideal. The issue is that because it is a new text field, the system re-loads the keyboard which makes it appear in text mode again. We'll check whether the field tells our keyboard whether its a numbers only field, if so, then we could switch automatically to the numbers layout. Best, David