Customizable favorite emoji list

Eppi shared this idea 5 months ago
Under Consideration

How about a feature where users could manually select ~10 emoji as their favorites which will be shown always at top of the emoji table, regardless if they habe been used recently or not.

Selecting the frequently used emoji would be even faster as they are always at the same spot. Out of the hundreds of available emoji i normally dont use more than 10. Furthermore, with this feature the sequence of the favorite emoji would not change every time i do use a rare emoji, which nowadays is the case, as it will be shown under the time symbol.

To sum up: I am annoyed by searching for my favorite emoji in the huge table because it was thrown out of the quick access as I recently used a rare emoji. I'd rather have them (manually selected) fixed at top of the table.

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Thanks a lot for your input, Eppi! In most cases automatical ways are used more frequently than manual customizations but we're open for it.

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